Why Hardwood?

Custom Hardwood Flooring

If it is your dream to have hardwood floors that are customized to your taste do not hesitate to talk to the professionals at Summit Custom Hardwood. We are not intimated by unique or individual style designs. Our name, Summit Custom Hardwood means just that - custom and detailed work.



Hardwood floors are made to last, and last they do - for generations. This fact makes hardwood floors your most sustainable flooring option. Legislation and hardwood floor companies have worked together to improve the process of manufacturing the beautiful hardwood flooring we enjoy today. Sustainable forestry practices help to preserve exotic woods in a way for us to use them for floors while keeping the trees safe in their environment.


Hardwood provides a durable, easily maintained surface for you and your family. Hardwood floors are easily cleaned and do not trap dust and allergens. Plus, the natural warmth and beauty of hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Colours can be introduced through staining, or colours can be removed with sanding. The versatility and aesthetic appeal of hardwood simply cannot be beat. Hardwood floors, beauty that lasts a lifetime!

Value of Hardwood Floors

As a home-owner, we at Summit Custom Hardwood understand that you want to enjoy the beauty of your home while increasing its value. Replacing carpet with hardwood flooring or repairing original hardwood floors is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

Durable Hardwoods

Did you know that a properly installed hardwood floor could last for generations? A 3/4″ solid hardwood flooring product, and even engineered hardwood flooring products with the same wear layer as a solid, can be refinished multiple times and made to look like new again. In addition, the time period between sandings can be greatly increased by regular maintenance coats or recoats. The majority of prefinished hardwood floors can be refinished and recoated.