Solid Hardwood Flooring

The look of solid hardwood flooring can’t be beat. With proper care, it can easily last for fifty years or more. Simply put, you will have a lifetime of added value to your home, as well as beauty and style. Summit Custom Hardwood has many types of solid hardwood flooring for you to choose from.

When you decide on having solid hardwood flooring installed in your home – you are getting a product that is 100% hardwood – and milled from individual boards of lumber. It is best to use solid hardwood flooring in rooms that are not prone to moisture. For kitchens and bathrooms, you might want to choose an engineered wood floor – made from wood constructed using cross layers, improving stability with less reaction to humidity and moisture.

Choosing a solid wood floor opens the door to many options for you to choose from. There are a variety of domestic woods such as the dark and dramatic cherry red colours, the richness of hickory and the light and bright look of white oak and maple. Some have uniform colors and grains while others are vivid and robust in colour and have heavier grain variations.

Maybe you would prefer to be a little daring and choose an exotic wood that will be as unique as your home design allows. The board width of solid wood flooring can give your room the illusion of being larger than it is – as well as completely change the appearance of your room.

Whatever solid hardwood flooring option you choose – the professional, trained technicians at Summit Custom Hardwood will install it with the greatest attention to detail. We take pride in offering the highest quality hardwood flooring products and service in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We don’t leave a job until it is finished to the satisfaction of our valued customers.