Hardwood Recoat & Cleaning Packages

Recoat Packages

Whether you have existing hardwood flooring, pre-finished or site finished - your floors will need to undergo a re-coat process in order to apply the new protective coating. This process used to be called "screen and coat" and was fraught with issues such as contamination and tended to impede the new coating from bonding with the old coating - as well as causing the new finish to peel or bubble.

With new advancements with floor prep techniques, Summit Custom Hardwood is able to offer re-coating options that can eliminate the adhesion issues. Summit Custom Hardwood will give your hardwood flooring a professional re-coating and beautiful look.

Bona Certified Professional Recoat

A new technique developed by Bona - a leader in hardwood floor care completely removes contaminants from existing floors. Whether it be wax, silicones, oils, salts and other contaminants, these particles are removed from the surface of the floor. Using advanced cleaning agents and a specialized scrubbing tool, your floor will be completely free from contaminants. The floor will be cleaned multiple times before being coated with Bona Traffic. This service is perfect for homeowners who have pre-finished or site finished floors that are starting to show wear in high traffic areas. For the best result, this process is performed before bare wood has been exposed or on floors that are moderately worn.

Why Deep Clean your Hardwood Flooring?

It is impossible to keep floors from getting dirty. Improper maintenance, using the wrong cleaners, and heavy traffic can cause a film to develop on a floor that resist traditional cleaning methods. For a minimum charge, Summit Custom Hardwood offers a Professional Deep Cleaning Service that helps homeowners and businesses keep their floors looking fabulous.

Please Note: A minimum charge applies.

Refinished Maple Hardwood Floor with Custom Stain